Sagging Skin? Improve the Appearance with a Quick and Comfortable Sciton Skintyte Treatment

Enhance SkinTyte with Forever Young Treatments

SkinTyte™ uses infra-red light to deeply heat dermal collagen, while using the sapphire contact cooling of the BBL platform to protect the epidermis. With this advanced technology, the treatment initiates the body’s natural healing process which leads to a more youthful appearance — with no patient downtime, no need for a topical anesthetic and no consumables. You can count on SkinTyte as one of the safest, most optimized, most cost-effective ways to give your skin a younger-looking boost.

Optimal Pairing: SkinTyte with Forever Young Treatments

The combination of dermal heating and epidermal cooling in SkinTyte keeps you comfortable throughout the treatment, while using rapid, gentle energy pulses to effectively heat soft tissue, and lead to a more youthful appearance. The treatment provides uniform heating for excellent, consistent and predictable results. SkinTyte motion technology, gives the provider the option to deliver lower fluence at a high repetition rate for unprecedented efficacy and comfort. With the treatment’s large spot size, you can quickly treat large areas of skin — while using the magnetic Finesse Adapters™ to efficiently treat smaller areas.

Initiate the body's natural healing process which leads to a more youthful appearance



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Improve the appearance of sagging skin with a quick and comfortable treatment.

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